Pottery Photography

Is this a photograph of art? Or is the photograph art in and of itself?

Creative public art workshop of student artwork

While this is a photo of art that was created during the Delphian School’s creative public art workshop, the image itself is beautiful! The clay bowls and plates in the photograph create a pattern that make it hard to look away. The element of repetition is a wonderful artistic tool to lead the viewer’s eye across the image. In this particular piece, the pots are aligned into straight lines no matter which direction you follow. This design makes it especially interesting to view.

The colors (or lack thereof) included in this piece are dull which brings more attention to the pattern. Having a background of black and white helps to draw your eye to the tan color of the clay and allows your eye to jump from point to point around the image.

Whether or not the photographer meant to “make art,” we appreciate the beautiful depiction of the pottery that was created during the free art workshop this February.