Scholastic Art Awards 2017

Some Delphian students came home with awards in a variety of categories at the Oregon Regional Scholastic Art Awards this last weekend. Eighteen of us won Gold Key awards, which was exciting because at this level we can compete for scholarships!

A drawing from one of the students that placed!

A drawing from one of the students that placed!

A pencil drawing of a bike done by Alex Has. 

A pencil drawing of a bike done by Alex Has. 

Kaden Morfopoulos received one of only five American Visionary nominations for his pottery piece submitted in the ceramics and glass category. Kaden's ceramic art is  on display at the Lawrence Gallery located in Sheridan, OR, where he is the youngest artist to have ever been featured by the gallery!


Interview with Delphian artist Kayley Sakamoto

What is your art form? I love painting, writing, creating Youtube videos and doing makeup. These are all the forms of art that interest me. 

What are you mainly interested in? I am mainly passionate about writing and making Youtube videos. 

Why do you practice this art form? I love making videos about things I really love like makeup and beauty or videos with my friends. I have always loved reading and writing is like reading to me. It comes very naturally to me. 

What/who inspires you and why? Other Youtubers inspire me a lot! The whole environment really induces creativity. All the authors that I read inspire me in my writing. I love JK rowling and John Green. They stand out to me the most. 

Is this something you would want to go into as a career? I am completely interested in going to into videography and writing. With videos I want to become a lot more professional in the area with better equipment as well as better areas to shoot in. Going to beauty school also interests me. With writing, I would continue on it and get books published. I am actually currently in Delphian writing club!  The writing club is a good community to talk about writing, get inspired, get rid of writer's block, share art with others as well as inspire others and help them with their own writing. It is a super fun environment. 

What does being "creative" mean to you? Being creative to me is channeling your inner passion/soul out into the world and creating something with it. 

Do you have any tips for artists that are interested in this field as well? Do what you do and never give up! If you let yourself get discouraged, or you give up, you’re not going to get anywhere and you won’t succeed. 

A cool piece by Kayely: