Delphian School main building

Delphian School, 2015 Winner: Best Private High Schools in Oregon — Niche Rankings, is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school located in Sheridan, Oregon open to students from around the world. We offer a rigorous independent-study program with a strong emphasis on practical learning for primary through high school students. The Delphian community is a diverse, international student body representing over eighteen countries and many different religious and cultural backgrounds.

Here, you won’t find teachers lecturing while students rotely take notes. You will find students actively engaged in learning, studying independently and moving at the speed that is right for them. You’ll see lively one-on-one and small group discussions on works of literature, art, business, science or current events. You’ll see students creating clay models to explain and demonstrate a concept. A student giving a presentation on his apprenticeship experience or a topic he’s just researched. And students heading to the science lab or out into the world to test or explore a theory. The Delphi Program is designed to help students relate what they’re learning to how they will use this information to succeed in life, and you’ll find our students living their education from the moment they walk into our school. 

Art, ceramics and other creative activities are considered co-curricular elective classes. Delphian School considers the arts essential to a well-rounded educational experience. Delphian School celebrates student art work and creativity and encourages students to share their work. 

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